Sales One was created with a purpose and a vision to offer our manufacturers a long term sustainable foodservice sales agency model. A group of like-minded locally owned sales agencies are aligning their experience to offer the benefits of in market ownership on a larger scale. Our mission is to be the best go to market solution in the industry. Sales One is the fastest growing foodservice sales agency in the United States. The leadership team has built their companies by serving all components of the industry.


Sales One delivers best-in-class sales representatives, customer service and overall experience. Our objective is to be the most valued resource in every market. We use our experience to support our clients and customers, to help them achieve their goals.


Who we ARE:

We are Locally Owned with:

      • One CRM Platform

      • With a Targeted Objective Approach

      • One Culture of High Performance


Who we are NOT:

      • Not One Company

      • Not changing our local ownership

      • Not changing our Brands

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